Just to let you know

This is my personal blog. This is my space to write my real thoughts and feelings in a place where I feel safe to do so- anonymously. I am sharing these thoughts on the off chance that there might be someone out there going through the same thing, or something similar, who may feel less alone after reading my posts. I am also writing my thoughts down to get them out of my head, which helps keep me safe and helps me avoid relapsing into anorexia. Writing helps me to generally try and make sense of what is going on in my brain, because I often don’t understand my own mind, and it’s important that I find a way to process my thoughts and feelings. Please, please…if my blog makes you feel “triggered” or unwell in any way, hit the unfollow button. I have nowhere else to talk about these things, I am not trying to hurt anyone, and I am certainly not encouraging anorexia or any form of eating disordered behaviour. I would never encourage anyone to hurt themselves and I very much want to see other people happy and healthy. I honestly think you are all beautiful and everyone deserves to look after themselves and to be looked after by other people.

Put simply, this is my story and this is my place to tell my story. I am not asking anyone to listen, I am not really even expecting anyone to read it, but I want to document it, and hopefully, if nothing else, it will help me to stay well and to stay out of hospital. Just know that there may be some posts in here that might be upsetting to some people, so be wary, stay safe and look after yourself.

Lots of love,

Amy x


3 thoughts on “Just to let you know

  1. Don’t worry about your blog being triggering. This is your space to write whatever you want, good or bad. There are many people who are going through what you are so I hope you can find some support as well as a sense of community.

    I never, ever put “trigger warning” on my posts. The reason is that people will seek out that tag in order to trigger themselves into further behavior. First and foremost I need to write to get everything out of my head. Maybe by being so raw, someone will be able to identify, feel less alone and perhaps even have a wee bit of motivation to seek help.

    You say you are recovered but still struggle. I think that is so important to talk about. Life still happens no matter what and people forget that anorexia is a mental disorder and therefore something to deal with on going. I have had times when it was quiet but then under heavy dress, it tends to come back. The challenge for me is to learn ways to handle stress without slipping back into behavior. I look forward to reading about your ups and downs in recovery.

    Thank you for starting a blog. 🙂

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    1. Thank you 🙂 that really helps to hear that. It’s really difficult when nobody lets you talk about what you’re going through. I don’t know why people are forced to stay silent when it comes to mental illness, it doesn’t make any sense.
      Every time I try to speak up about any of my mental health issues, either I’m told to shut up and stop attention seeking, or I’m told to stop talking about it in case it triggers someone. It’s like people think anorexia is some sort of contagious disease. And the problem is, when Im not allowed to talk about it, I get sicker, and then everyone becomes angry at me for being sick and not trying hard enough.
      I cannot win.

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